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Digitalization Development has emotions

By doing things rationally, you will not find innovation.

Do new technologies and the latest gems of digitalization have any intrinsic value? Thinking quickly, we have the answer, but let's leave all analysts and accounts home. As long as we work with people, giving the right answer is not so straightforward.

In the age of hard and cold technology, soft values are more important than ever. Even though decisions are made with facts and knowledge, emotions are a factor of enormous importance. When the facts run out or are not yet available, feelings will guide our actions.

We talk about visions and sometimes even instinctive things. Themes which are difficult to make calculations or even concretize. We all know the moments when the image of a solution we know is right in our heads, but it is difficult to open it to others. Sometimes the bubble bursts as you ponder it further. Sometimes it gets golden borders.

In addition to emotions, creativity and innovation are also important issues in digitalization. No innovation comes from doing things rationally and factually. Creativity is not an output of process. These are created by people when their emotions are in the right position.

Sometimes we have to do things, that are not talked to the CFO, in order to get the organization and people in the right mood. Shake the future, break boundaries and try without fear of failure. And it doesn't have to be expensive - maybe a little forbidden. Sometimes it is necessary to set an example and model for the future and tell us what we can do if we want to. Tells a story about the culture of organizational development. Tell the story of winning.

Beware, creativity and joy of innovation can be released.


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