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The best projects are designed to succeed

Digileaper's deep expertise in project management enables you to get a competent, reliable and hardworking project manager for the project you want.  
Such a project can be, for example, a business reorganization, the design and implementation of a new digital service. It can be the shutdown of an existing system and the introduction of a new one - you can find more information about ERP projects from here. We manage projects of all levels and sizes.     

In our operations, we rely on good project planning, its implementation and consistent operation. People-centeredness and engaging people is part of our basic work. 

We are results-oriented, but flexibility and adaptability to new situations guide our operations.  We also don't forget your customers, but we also act in the interest of the end customer. 


You know always how the project is progressing.
And you can be sure that it will be completed.

Independence simplifies things

We are independent of external stakeholders and the client's internal organization. This enables neutrality and objectivity and the focus to concentrate on the results of the project in the best possible way.  

How we create value for you and your organization

Our extensive experience and expertise covers both people management, technology management, and business management. In addition to project management, we are also able to bring you significant help in different themes of change management.

Naturally, understanding the economic effects of activities and actions is an important cornerstone.  We always plan the aspects of the project in advance, and we do it transparently. In this case, you have visibility to project and possibility to influence its progress. In this way, the project's implementation, finances and implementation always go hand in hand. 
We commit to the results and we also commit the people in the project and the stakeholders to them. We also know how to manage your partners, according to your principles. 

Project manager 

In addition to expertise and experience, we bring with us project management tools and a project portal that enables efficient task sharing and project transparency. 

Digileaper Twin – our application helps significantly in planning the project and understanding the change effects and goals. We use it to model the environment targeted by the project and also get the final documentation done with it efficiently. 


Cooperation and results

We will find a suitable project manager for your project among our experienced experts. We make sure that the project plan and its implementation meet your operational, financial and personnel goals. 

We are happy to be involved already in the pre-examination phase of the project, so that we can help you find the most suitable way to implement the project and outline its goals and content. This can cover e.g. technology assessments, or an assessment of your organization's ability to adopt the desired technology.

The project plan we implement, the implementation of the project and the implementation of its results are documented and managed throughout the journey. With our work, you will receive a comprehensive final report on the project as well as business, technical and financial documentation. 

Do you have a project to be accomplished?

Please contact and let's see how it should be implemented and how we can best help you. 

Stories about changes and projects

Well designed and completed according to plan. 

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