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Twin - the digital twin of business

Digileaper Twin is your tool for managing digitized business and development. It combines capabilities for architecture management, organization and development management. It is a tool for digitalization management, strategy implementation and business environment modeling. At the same time, it is a tool for the individual responsible person to manage the matters under his responsibility.

The key in today's organization is the management of dependencies and ties, which form a multidimensional network around business, people, technology and data. Twin helps to model and manage the various elements of the operating environment and the key features related to them, but also the dependencies between them.

Twin solves problems

The organization's information is distributed unevenly and is siloed.


The structures of the business environment are not clear - process understanding is personified.


Organizations do not know and do not control dependencies

Easy to use

Twin is designed for business people as an easy-to-use and intuitive service that you learn to use with very little guidance. The application's internal instructions and field guides help you in everyday life, and comprehensive visualizations help you understand the whole.

With the help of ease of use, you keep engaging people to take care of the things they are responsible for quickly and with a low threshold.

The introduction of Twin is fast. Pre-planned and immediately ready-to-use architecture structures and contents allow you to focus on the content and thinking about development themes - not on planning the implementation of the tool.

We promise added value right from the first workshop.

Modular and enriched with use

The entity is modular and you can flexibly develop and expand its use to different areas or business units one piece at a time. You can worry-free start using it, for example, in the areas of sales and marketing and later expand it to e.g. production processes.


The model gets richer with each expansion, but you get added value and a strong understanding immediately after using the first entity.

Correspondingly, in the different dimensions of digitalization, you can – and should – progress piece by piece.

Often the work starts around the business and application architecture, and depending on the needs and priorities, it can then progress to concept models and data architecture or integration management. It can also be a tool for managing the implementation of information security or quality standards.

You can use Twin in many different ways - regardless of the start, it is compatible with the future.​

Brings a structure and model to the documentation and information management of business and digitalization elements


The single source of truth

When used correctly, Twin becomes thi single source of truth, which compiles the key business and digitalization dimensions and dependencies and helps in organizational development.

Twin is designed to be information secure and utilizes numerous advanced information security management and hardening solutions. It's probably one of the most protected services in your organization.

In addition to the Twin SaaS service, we recommend Digitalization development's partnership service, which enables us to support your journey on the path of architecture and development management in those matters where you feel it is necessary.

However, with regard to Twin, it is essential to ensure the independent use of the organization's people and their use as a real tool.


Examples of things you can control and model with Twin.

Take a look at the videos and ask more questions - there are a lot of possibilities.

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