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Our dream-building


Understanding: We help to review digitalization and build a roadmap for the future. 

Direction: We bring transparency and understanding to the enterprise architecture and help you to manage and develop it. 


Change: We lead digitalization transformation projects to the goal.


You will be the fittest species of digital age.

Digitalization strategy, review and road map

The review and road map is a tool that helps you gain understanding and transparency. The target can be application, business area or company.

You get certainty about the current state and durable justifications for the next step.

The end result is a road map, development program or digitization strategy - depending on the target area.

ERP, CRM, CPQ and other abbreviations - projects

Change, aquisition and implementation projects of systems that control operations are always significant changes in business.


We ensure this success with tried and tested procedures, making sure that when the project ends, people will conclude that they have succeeded.


Digitalization is full of changes and breakthrough projects in the middle of business and people. We are your experienced guide in overcoming these demanding transitions.

We help you from the construction of the project initiative, to planning and implementation and to the end.

Digital Twin

Digileaper Twin is a SaaS service for digitalization development and architecture management, which enables you and other people in your organization to become the fittest species of the digital age.


A solution for building the future that is easy to use and supports your development in a wide and multidimensional way.

What does digititalization mean?

Download the free manual for digititalization management and building a digital twin:

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