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From the snapshot of current state to the digitalization strategy and road map

Digitalization development starts from a good understanding of the current situation. Whether it's planning the utilization of the system or building a digitization strategy, planning a corporate reorganization or developing the operation of a business unit - a comprehensive understanding of the starting point is the most important factor influencing success.

It is equally important to understand the target state of the operation and to ensure that people in the organization share and understand it in the same way. The strategy and road map connect these two points into a unified path.

The most important thing is to make sure that this is done together with the people in the organization. When people from different areas of the business are committed to doing things from the beginning, the know-how and understanding of the entire organization can be utilized.

Our task in building a digital strategy and road map is to ensure that it starts with people and is done with people. They are the most important ingredients in the recipe for success.


You are digitalization.  

How to build a digital strategy and roadmap

Digitalization is an inseparable part of business and everything starts from understanding the business environment.


We help to model the process structures and the most important main processes in terms of operation, which concretize the organization's central operation and purpose. 

The goals of the organization's business strategy and values are concretized into human-sized requirements, which are used to refine the strategy into a part of daily operations.

Business and people are tied together right from the start, and at the same time people are also committed to building a situational picture and road map. 

Digitalization is built for people with people.

Digitalization takes the form of various applications, cloud services, IoT devices and other technical elements. An increasingly significant dimension of digitalization consists of data that flows between applications and gathers to databases and -storages. In what way does business use technology and how does it materialize in people's work? How is technology related to the value chain formed by the processes - is the process controlled by an ERP system or by hero performances and is the management of sales leads in CRM or in salesperson-specific Excel.

The purpose of the digitaliization strategy and roadmap is to improve the utilization of existing tools and to identify needs for new solutions, but also those that we have to get rid of.

Understanding the utilization of technology from the perspective of utilizing business processes and people is a key element for business-oriented planning.

Technology is just technology. 
Utilization turns it into a competitive factor


Snapshot of current state and road map through digital twin

Building a roadmap and strategy is a project during which we collect a lot of data about the operating environment. People can be helped here by the Twin cloud service, which provides a structure and model for documenting different contents. 

It is built for business people, which every key person can take advantage of. 


Twin enables efficient and inclusive work and at the same time produces understanding and results throughout the entire process. Twin also makes it possible to focus the work of our experts on things that generate the most added value.


The foundation built there is also available when the road map and strategy start to be implemented - any information collected during the process remains disposable.

The digital twin turns the construction of the road map and digitalization strategy into a transparent and inclusive collaboration.

Towards the future

The roadmap and strategy connect the present with the future of business. It creates a plan for technology utilization and architecture and the steps to implement these. 

The most important thing in change is changing people's actions and business processes - technological changes and opportunities are only transformed into actions through people - even the most automatic process. 

The programs and projects form a path to the future. By implementing them organization's digitilization capabilities rise to a new level. 

The dream map for the future has been drawn - and every key person in your organization signs it.


Get to know thoughts and stories about the situation picture, road map and digitalization strategy

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