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What do you dream of?

About Us

We are experts in digitalisation management. The company is still young, but we have had time to see and experience a wide range of things. 
We don't have coffee mugs or paintings on the wall telling us about our values or mission, and it doesn't matter if you don't even remember them. But if you follow our work, we are sure that you will recognize them in our attitude, in the way we work and in what kind of projects we jump into.
We are for our customers and when we do good for them, we also get our own rewards. Even though we work around digitalisation and technology, our focus is on people.

We give understanding and guide you in the right direction, but the most important thing is to make a difference. It is not our intention to wise of with the mistakes of history or with the possibilities of the future, but to get things done one thing at a time.  

Ways of working and tools

We work at the office, at the customers premises, on the lakeside and at the foot of the fell. Or at home. Exactly where we are best able to reconcile the requirements of the work with our leisure time, loved ones and passions. Each of us makes the decisions where and when to work – as long as we provide the best possible service to the customer. 

Although we work a lot outside the office, we make sure they are pleasant places to come. Locations, setting and fengsuis are considered the best possible. 

Tools are everything. For us, the quality, efficiency and meaningfulness of work are extremely important. We only use state-of-the-art tools and customers also get access to them as part of the collaboration.

At the heart of tool development are our own solutions for managing digitalisation development and enterprise architecture, which we have invested a lot and are investing more and more. The tools also provide us with a unified model of work and easy information sharing. They structure our work, its contents and bring systematicity and common model for it. 



While we try to build entity around the work so that you could do it just for love of work, we also take care of the benefits.  Our salaries consist of a good base salary and also bonuses - with this model you can also enjoy your earned holidays.

Diligence is rewarded with a nice income and the opportunity to enjoy life. However, we don’t want you to work out late into the night, but require you to spend a lot more time with your loved ones than with us.

Other benefits include health services, that we have built so that you do not have to queue for treatment in the event of illness or accident. You will receive the best possible treatment to recover, including in your free time. In addition, good health also involves taking care of ourselves, and we encourage it with maximum amounts of exercise benefits.  It is only your responsibility to use them well.  


Would you be interested in thinking about a trip to the dream builders? GIve a hint of yourself and we'll be in touch.

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