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Digital twin   manual

Download the free guide to digitization management and building a digital twin.

Lataa Digitaalinen kaksonen -käsikirja

Lataa Digitaalinen kaksonen käsikirja -tästä

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A digital twin is a virtual model of business. It is your tool for understanding, measuring, planning and executing. It is the source of one truth and your guide on your path to the future. 

Understand the current state of your business and determine the future of your business. Focus on planned development, effective changes and continuous improvement. Download the digital twin manual now!

Digileaper and digital twin

We help you succeed in managing the digitalization of your business. We help build a digital twin and make sure that the processes around it work and you get people with you. 


In addition to expertise and know-how, we also bring the tools for you and you can get in the fast lane of digitalization development. 


Our mission is to improve your understanding, provide means, tools and resources and increase your digitalization ability. We combine the possibilities of business and technology independently.

Download the manual andtake contact when you want to build a digital twin with us. 

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