Founded in 2019, Digileaper Oy is a family-owned company that takes its first steps with a strong and long experience of over 20 years in technology and digitalization management services.

Our purpose is to evolve people and digitalization capabilities and help them in break points of business. We provide b2b services, but take a human to human perspective.


We combine the possibilities of the usage of advanced technology in business process via projects and continuous services.   

With digileaps, We aim to push technology development forward by equipping people with digitalization capabilities in preparation for the world of tomorrow.

Our services are built around professional expertise and is supported by state-of-the-art technical platform services and tools. On this basis, our customers can rely their digitalization capability management and development.   

Our values comprise of courage to face challenges and agility to constant evolution in a changing world.

We appreciate clarity, simplicity and common sense. Love and passion for our work and potential to make a positive impact are important. We believe in doing things with good purpose and take outspoken pride in the work that we do. 

Our purpose is to enhance our

clients’ capabilities in managing the challenges of digitalization. 

We focus on essential elements and results.

Our services target business processes, related technology and especially people.

Long term improvement of human skills and capabilities of digitalization is one of our most important purposes.

Our company and people build

long-term, trust-based relationships with customers.

Commitment is vital. We provide a rewarding, inspiring and inclusive organization which takes care of its people and the things that are most important to them. Part of our profit is spread to beneficiary purposes to help them realize their goals and dreams.

   Fittest Species  of Digital Age